Original Intent

A good blog piece on Original Intent of the General Welfare of the Constitution by @fleckman.


The Constitutional way to answer the census.

It’s census time again, and most people will be getting a packet to answer and send back or get a visit. Well, considering what the Constitution says about the census, here’s the easiest way to fill it out. (Sample can be found here.)

Question 1: How many people living there since April 1, 2010.

– Count number of people and put it down

Question 9: What is Person 1’s race.

– Look at your skin and check the last option of ‘Some other race’, then fill in the blanks with ‘American Citizen’ if applicable.

– Repeat for Question 6 for Persons 2 – 6 when applicable with number in Question 1.

And that is it. By the Constitution, that’s all they need to know.

Constitutional ‘birthers’

From Pastor James David Manning, and the left thinks ‘birthers’ are all white racists?