The rubber ruler argument

Or calling the Constitution a ‘living document’

I continue to hear those from the left trying to argue that the Constitution is ‘a living document that needs to be reinterpreted with the changing time’ or some other strange nonsense. This I have been starting to call a rubber ruler argument. Why a rubber ruler? Well, considering that:

  1. rubber stretches
  2. rulers are primarily made from unyielding (non-stretchable) materials
  3. unyielding/non-stretchable materials give a standard with which you can have continuous accuracy

If you consider at least these 3 things, then you get the idea that without a standard of measure you won’t have consistency.

That’s not to say things change with time, and that the Constitution shouldn’t be changed. Personally could do better without the 16th & 17th and a rewritten 14th. BUT as a 223 year old contract , it should be changed through the proper channels laid out within it, namely Article 5. The Framers were smart enough to include such a process, but as such did not want it to be an easy one. If it was easy, it could lead to willy-nilly changes and onto a destructive course of events.


4 Responses to “The rubber ruler argument”

  1. Mark Says:

    Looks good to me! Check this one out.

  2. Pete Fleckenstein Says:

    Great post! Concise and to the point!

  3. Jeannetta Says:

    Great points! Glad to have found your blog 🙂

  4. Douglas V. Gibbs Says:

    Right on. You see, they know that if it is a living document, they can change it at will, without using the process available – this is how tyranny manipulates.

    The Constitution says what it says, and its definitions were laid out over two hundred years ago. Liberty does not go out of style.

    We hear people constantly tell us that we need to take back the country – but they don’t know how. The Constitution is the instruction booklet on how to accomplish taking back the country. It’s time we all learned what it says, and means.

    Good post.

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